Expectation vs Reality: St Patrick’s Day in Dublin

St Patrick Day is coming up. To be precise, it’s on Friday, the 17th of March.
Last year, I was lucky enough to celebrate it in Dublin. Since it’s THE Irish holiday, everyone gets off work and the city is one big party. I know all the things I expected it to be, so I kind of thought I might tell you a few things that weren’t exactly like I thought they would be, so you could be prepared for what to expect 🙂

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Stockholm as a local (and some tourist things to do)

I know I said that before, but I just LOVE visiting people in the cities they live in. Luckily my friend’s are as crazy about moving to different places as I am plus I met so many great people traveling, that I have a few cities around the world where I can feel like a local. And because I don’t want to be selfish, I’ll share all my local knowledge about Stockholm, that I gained the last week, with you guys. Including a few things that are just worth doing when you are visiting. Local touristy things so to speak 🙂

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Bondi to Coogee: A coastal walk so beautiful

As you might have seen  on my Instagram, I’m in Sydney at the moment.

This is my third time here so I’ve kind of done all the tourist things around town and I’ve seen a lot of different places.
One thing I somehow never got to do was the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. Don’t ask me why because normally I love walks like that, but it just somehow never worked out. Probably also because I was always here in the summer and every physical exercise was too much to handle.

But yeah. On my second day here I decided to do it. And because I can’t put into words how beautiful it is, I’ll just leave with photos (and a few tips.)

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Rainy Dublin: There are still some things to do

Unfortunately, Dublin is a city with unpredictable weather. One morning the sun is out and you decide to ride your bike to college and suddenly on your way back it’s pouring rain. This means, that also when you are visiting the city (or you live here and friends come over to visit you) that you can never fully plan the weekend without having indoor options. And because once it comes to a situation where you need those options you are always blank and can’t think of anything, here are my favourite things to do in Dublin when it’s raining.

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Berlin Tipps off the beaten tracks

Since I am German and Berlin is our capital, I’ve been there a few times before. And I’ve definitely seen all the sights you have to see more than once. This doesn’t keep me away from Berlin but it definitely changes my stays there because I now try to “live” like a local and experience the real Berlin.

And because Berlin grows on me more and more the more I visit it, I decided to share a few of the places (which are mostly restaurants, I gotta admit) to maybe make you feel like a local as well the next time you are going. Or just to give you some inspiration where to eat. Either way works for me! So here it comes.

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Irish Daytrips: Killiney and Dalkey

Living in Ireland has a really big advantage: Everything is so close that you can explore the whole country with the help of daytrips. On my birthday a month ago, I really wanted to go to the seaside and enjoy a nice walk on the beach. I mean, when you live so close to the ocean, why not take advantage of it?

So my roommate gave me the recommendation to go to Killiney.
Killiney is just around 30 minutes by DART away from Dublin (there’s a DART station at Victoria Street and one at Connolly Street, so one on the Southside and one on the Northside).
Once we drove into Killiney I was speechless for a second. These cliffs full of different greens and flowers in yellow or violet and then this endless ocean!

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