A few restaurant tips for Sydney, because who doesn’t love food?

Being in Sydney for the third time allows me to live here a bit more like a local than I did the last two times. And living like a local means going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner every once in a while. And because there are so many amazing places all around Sydney, I decided to collect them for you!

Like I’ve mentioned a few times before, I am very bad at taking photos of my food, so I also added a few places where Iย don’t really have any photos, but I promise they are still very good!

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Tipp: Mehl, Hamburg

I am really picky when it comes to food. I don’t like capsicums, I don’t like tomatoes (raw, cooked ones are totally fine), I don’t likeย olives and I could go on and on with that list. But I am getting more and more “adventurous” when it comes to food. Ever since I started travelling I decided I should try new stuff. Stuff which is famous for that region or just stuff that everyone else seems to love.

And for people like me, who are adventurous when it comes to food, there’s this great Pizza place in Hamburg, called Mehl. (Yes, that just means flour in German.) Obviously, you can just try pre-made Pizzas, where you know what you are getting, but you can also just be surprised by the chefs of the day. So what you basically do is fill out a form, saying what you like, what you dislike and what you are allergic to. And you chose the dough.ย Then you give your Pizza a really cool name, draw a cute picture for the chef and hand this form in.

And honestly, whatever the chef is making out of the information given to him, it’s always delicious! I think I’ve been there four times and I was never disappointed. As if he could guess what I feel like eating that day.


One of my surprise pizzas – sorry for the bad photo

So yeah. That’s basically what Mehl is about. And on top of that they have delicious special cocktails.
The inside is also really cool, wooden tables, great art work and a long bar full of beautifully looking bottles of liquor.

The prizes are a bit higher for anyone who is used to Hamburg-prizes (a pizza is 15 Euro) but for a nice dinner with the family it’s perfect!
Make sure to make a reservation. It’s not as busy during the week but if you’re unlucky, you might have to wait a bit. So be a bit Germanly efficient and make a reservation beforehand ๐Ÿ™‚
It’s a bit hard to find for those who don’t know their way around Hamburg because it’s located inside the car park of the Thalia Theater in Altona, but if you put it in your GPS system, you should be just fine!

Website: www.dasmehl.com

8 musicians that immediately give you that beach feeling

I guess there is nothing better than listening to music when you just want to turn off the world around you. Listening to music just instantly relaxes me and gives me a feeling of being somewhere else. Depending on the mood the music brings across. And because right now, in between my 439575 assignments and my master dissertation, I’d rather be on the beach, the following artists are definitely the ones I listen to the most at the moment. So, if you want to come to the beach with me (figuratively speaking obviously) then go check them out!

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A few places to get great animal photos

When I’m traveling, I love to take photographs of whatever comes in front of my lens. And ย a lot of that are animals. Mostly wild animals, that are typical for the area I’m in. Because honestly, animals are just amazingly beautiful and great photo motives.
But some people overdo it. Remember the story from earlier this year, where people took a dolphin out of the water to take a selfie with it? And just earlier this month, another story occurred, where a woman picked up a swan to take a better selfieย – and killed it.

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A weekend at the Spa: A time to forget your daily life

For a very long time now, my family and I spend our Easter Weekend in a Wellness hotel close to Berlin, more precisely in Brandenburg’s Spreewald, called Zur Bleiche Spa&Resort.

And since Easter was just last weekend, it means I just spent a magical weekend at that place. And I realized once again that a Spa weekend is sometimes all you need.
Right before I left on the trip I had way too much on my mind. Problems with friends, too much college work and all those things girls like me constantly have on their minds. This is one of the reasons why I knew I needed to get away and just stop thinking for a weekend. So there was no better timing for Easter to come!

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Tipp: Lynn Canyon Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park’s cheap (aka free) brother

When going to Vancouver, a lot of people tell you, that you really need to go see the Capilano Suspension Bridge because it is breathtaking and that’s what tourists do around here. I thought about doing it, because it’s in some kind of a park, I love nature and I feel like I always wanna do whatever you are “supposed to” do in a city. (I know, this is not always the right way to do it, but you know… FOMO)
BUT, it is over 30$ (30.95$ for students and 37.95$ for adults) and I gotta say, I don’t know if this is really worth it?!

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Summertime means Festivaltime

So this Thursday I want to give you a tipp to do something I am doing every summer for a while now and I loved from the very first time I did it: Visit a Festival.

Music for me is a way to escape the daily life and forget all the (small or big) problems you have. And live music is even better. Seeing a band on stage, feeling the music with them and witnessing how much they love what they are doing for a living. It is priceless. And a festival combines that with having fun with your friends, spending a day full of dancing and (a lot of times) sunshine.

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Something different in London: alternativeldn.com

I’ve already told you in my list of tipps how to save money while traveling to always look for free things to do. And I’ve found a free walking tour in London, which is just a bit different than the normal walking tours you would find.

Note: It still works on a pay as much as you like basis. And I’m pretty positive that after the tour you will feel like you want to at least donate a little bit of money because, to be fair, your tourguide spends 1.5 hours of hisย day telling you things that he hasย told so many times before. At least I wanted to.

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Like some of you might already know, I did my Bachelor in Fashion and Textil Management. And even though I have no desire to work in that industry anymore, I still have a passion for fashion.

Through fashion, everyone can express themselves the way they want to and you can undermine your personality so easily.

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For today’s Tipp I thought I’d do something different. I am not a big fan of people presenting themselves or their oh-so-pretty looking food on Instagram but I certainly am a big fan of every single Instagram account out there that shows how beautiful this world is. This is why I want to present you my favorite Instagram Accounts that make me want to pack my bag and travel the world right away.

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