The precious time away from phones, laptops & co: A new year’s resolution

Whenever a new year is just around the corner (or has just started), people plan on changing their lives completely. I myself don’t really believe in making big resolutions  in the beginning of a new year because why do you need a specific date to change what you don’t like about your life? But then again, if it helps…

Anyways, that’s not the topic of this article. It’s more what people plan to change this year. The other day I listened to the radio here in Munich and I heard, that most of the younger people that were asked plan on relaxing more, having more time for themselves and not staring at their phone screen 24/7 anymore.

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F**k it. You only live once – 45 Things that are on my bucketlist. For now.

Yeah, I know, Yolo is so 2012. Or 2010? I don’t even know. But still, it’s true. You only live once. And because of that, I believe everyone should have a bucket list. No matter if it consist of seeing the world, buying the house with the white picket fence or starting your own business. Everyone has their own dreams and goals. Here are mine, maybe they inspire you.

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Planning a trip to Vietnam? Here are 10 things you might want to know

Vietnam is one of the main countries people visit when they go to South East Asia. Because it still is very traditional but it is also “western” enough for people who might not be too comfortable outside their own comfort zone.
As you’ve seen from my blogposts here and here, I just came back from my trip there and discovered a few things that might be interesting to know when you plan your trip.

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Things you should know before visiting Dublin

For me, Dublin is a pretty underrated place in Europe. People don’t really visit that city because they focus on cities like Berlin, London, Paris or Amsterdam. Even when I moved there, not a lot of people were able to say “Oh, I’ve been there, you should do this or that”. So for everyone out there, who hasn’t been so far, let me tell you: It’s worth it. It might not have the beach like Barcelona or the cute French cafés like Paris or the great night life like Berlin but it does have a lot to offer.

Here are a few things you should know, for everyone who’s planning on visiting Dublin in the future.

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Why Berlin?

Whenever I tell people I am from Germany, I get this one reaction: “Oh really? I went to Berlin once, I loved it!” And ever so often, I meet people, who tell me their dream is to live in Berlin for a while. I have to admit, I am not mad about Berlin (living there I mean, I love visiting it), for me it’s just a bit too hipster and a bit too big but I obviously still wonder what does make Berlin so attractive to people all over the world and also all around Germany? I was thinking about what I like when I come visit and I was also talking to some people who actually moved to Berlin for a while. And here are some of the reasons I figured out.

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4 “Travel safe” tips, just to make sure

Girl went missing in ThailandBritish woman killed and two in hospitalin hospital after scooter accident.
Recently, headlines like that are ruling the media. And those are just the stories that make it that far. When you ask friends or frequent travelers what type of stories they’ve heard throughout their trips, you feel like, especially as a woman, you should never step foot outside your own country ever again. Robbery, rapes, accidents – the list is long.
The most recent story might be the murder of two Argentinian girls in Ecuador, which made the hashtag #viajosola and the question if women should travel without a male accompanist go viral.
But I, as a female (solo) traveler, can say that this is not as common as it seems and that traveling without a male isn’t as dangerous as it seems. In 5 months of traveling the world by myself, the worst thing that happened to me, was getting my flip flops stolen – no joke. Because I tried to be cautious and safe at all times. And because of that, I feel like I could give you those four major tips on how to be safe when traveling – especially as a girl/woman.

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Money, money, money

People always tell me that the main reason they don’t travel is that they don’t have enough money. And I totally understand that, because travelling is expensive, but in case you already booked your main flights, here are some tipps how you can save some money while travelling.

#1 Compare

Once you arrive at your (first) destination, the comparing starts. Or at least it should. A lot of hostels offer trains, busses or different trips with a certain company. But in case you are not in a big hurry to get to the next place, you should walk around the street and compare some other companies that offer the same or similar trains/busses/trips and see if you can get it cheaper. A lot of times hostels raise the prices of the tickets so they earn something from it as well. (Of course comparing also applies for all flights you take, but I guess most of you do that anyways.) Continue reading


“Really, sharing a bed with 9 strangers? I couldn’t do that.”

That’s just one of the sentences I hear all the time when I express my love for hostels in front of people. I can’t even count anymore in how many different hostels I slept. But I know, that I loved every one of them. Yes, there are definitely downsides to hostels, but I still would chose Hostels over Hotels or AirBnbs anytime. Here’s why:

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